Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hoop Dogeball

                                          Hoop Dodgeball

                     Hoop dodgeball is very fun.  This is my favorite thing to play in Gym.  Here are the rules to play you have to try to make a dodgeball in the hoop.  You have to try not to get hit or you are out.  But if you get hit in the face the other person is out and you stay in.  There is a line in the middle of the gym the balls are on that line. When coach says go you run to the line and pick up a ball and throw it at someone on the other team.  The people with the most points win.

Written by: Sean

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Movie Day

In our classroom we got to watch a movie. It was a cute movie called Shiloh. It's about a owner who has all these's dogs and he is training them to hunt animals down. But this cute little dog doesn't understand his command so he runs away and a boy finds the dog.  In the end the boy gets to keep the dog.  We got to wear our pj's to school. And we got to have brownies. That day I felt happy.

written by: Ariel


                             Fiction Story 

This year in Mrs.Depa's class were writing fiction stories, mine is called #SELFIE. My book is about a girl and her younger sister and they moved to a small town with a brand new high school .They are both teenagers and they don't really get along, the older sister has a problem...she cant stop taking selfies.  Her name is Wendy and the younger sister gets mad at her because of her selfies. So they decide to go there own ways. During there first day of school the sisters still don't get along and they both decide that it was best if they stand at least 10 feet away from each other. During the middle of the first semester the teacher caught Wendy taking a selfie and sends her to a 5 hour detention.  She also takes her phone away. In detention Wendy pays no attention to anyone and falls asleep right away... When she wakes up she looks around and everyone was gone including for the teacher. So she tries to get out but the door was locked and she found the teacher walking to the door with two other people. When the teacher was opening the door she quickly went back to her seat. The first thing that she saw was her sister and some other girl. Her sister said nothing to her and sat as far away as she could. Then the older sister said hi to the new girl and the new girl said #sup. You can already tell that they are going to be the bestest  friends.  

Written by: Makayla

Field Day Teams

Field day teams

One bright and sunny day on April, 20th we had gym. A week ago Coach Stone said that she was going to pick field day captains the next time you are here. I waited for about a week, until coach stone finally picked captains. First she picked the girl runner up captains and that was Andee. Next, she picked the boy runner up captain and that was Josh number 1. Next, coach stone said "The moment we have all been waiting for, the girl captains is Megan."We all clapped and then coach stone said, "now for the boy captain," and that was me. Finally,we picked teams.  First, I picked Spencer, then Josh number 2, then Kyle and Jonny, and all the rest of my team. We played hoop dodgeball and if you saw our team your mouth would drop to the floor. My team was the first to score and Spencer scored the basket. Near the end the score was 6-6 and it was the last round, I was the last one in. I had all the dodge balls and they had none, I went up to the basketball hoop and missed the first shot. Luckily Orlando missed the ball I had another chance. I went back up to the hoop, I fired the ball the hoop was made and we won. We all said GG (good game) and we went back to class. 

written by: Caiden

Field O'rama

On June 3rd, we get to do something called field day. It's where you get to do a lot of activities like jump rope, tug of war, etc. But it is mostly fun because you get to do a lot of activities. It lasts for 6 hours from 10:30 to 2:00.  It's very fun and enjoyable. But there's a catch...its only for elementary school kids so middle schoolers this may not be for you. If you are in elementary school you should stay and read the rest so you get a good idea of whats going on. On field day there are 2 teams selected by the gym teacher a girl and a boy caption they lead the team. They get to chose the people in tug o war and lots of other things. Thats pretty much the basics of field day. Have a great day!

written by: Brandon

Party Time

One day in Mrs. Depa's room we  had a party.  We had a party for being good.  We had brought our blankets, pillows, and some brought sleeping bags.  Some people wore there pjs.  We all watched a movie called Shiloh.  We all  had 2 brownies.  Some people cried because the movie was sad.  After the movie was done/over it was a regular day.  We all got to keep our pjs on for the rest of the day. Then it was time to go home.  I had to change because we were going out to eat. 

written by: Maddy

Favorite Subject

  My favorite subject is reading. I like reading because there is so many funny and creative books. But if I were to pick my favorite author it would be Dav Pilkey. He makes such great books but the pictures are the best. The flip-o-rama ones are the best. He always misspells words on purpose which is funny. But besides Dav Pilkey there is still a lot of stuff to talk about like... fiction or non-fiction stories, graphic novels, poems and many more. The best one out of all of the them would probably be graphic novels because that is what Dav Pilkey makes and his books are amazing.

written by: Sarah